How to use ChatGPT as a Language Translation Tool

Do you know you can translate your files using ChatGPT? Yes, you read it correctly, you can definitely use ChatGPT as a Language Translation tool. Earlier people did not have many options to rely upon for translation but now you can not only translate your texts but can also get a detailed summary of the same through ChatGPT. To know how it is done, you can read the article further.

Quick Answer – Translate {Enter the text} in English and convert it into a poem. 

How good is ChatGPT at translation?

ChatGPT, though not a translator, is no less than the majority of the translation tools available on the Internet. ChatGPT is considered as one of the best and most realistic translation tools as it is powered by the most efficient AI tool available to people.

ChatGPT not only translates the paragraph word-to-word but also ensures that the translation done by it should make sense. For this, there are certain prompts that you can use to get the best translation possible on the Internet.

Can ChatGPT translate to other languages?

Yes, ChatGPT can translate your given text in many other languages. There are more than 95 languages to which ChatGPT can translate your text. Furthermore, you don’t need to input your text in a particular format for it to translate. The ChatGPT automatically detects the original language and translates the text into your desired language.

Reasons to Choose ChatGPT for Translating Text

There are numerous reasons to choose ChatGPT for translating text over traditional translation tools. Some of these reasons are as mentioned below.

  1. Provides meaningful Translation

The translation tools available on the Internet mostly translate the texts to their literal meanings, whereas, ChatGPT ensures the text is translated in the desired language and should also make sense.

  1. Contextual Results

ChatGPT being a smart AI tool can provide you a better translation result as the users have the option to input the context of the text. Basically, you can tell ChatGPT that the given text is related to a particular topic and ChatGPT will translate accordingly..

  1. Translation from various perspectives

You can get your text translated in a manner that is suitable to you. For example, You can ask ChatGPT to translate the given text from the perspective of a legal professional, Doctor, Engineer etc.

  1. Accepts all types of text

The translating ability of the ChatGPT gives you the option to enter text of any type which may include Poem, Idioms, Phrases etc. Generally, translation tools convert these types of texts into their literal meaning thereby undermining the original meaning.

  1. Summarizing ability

ChatGPT can not only translate your text but can also provide a brief summary of the same. This is where ChatGPT is far ahead of translation tools, you can enter a paragraph and it will provide you with an explanation for the text.

How to translate with ChatGPT?

Translating your texts with ChatGPT is not a difficult task, you can give commands as and when you like.You must follow these suggestions to get the best translation through ChatGPT.

  1. Set the Context Clearly

You can tell ChatGPT as to the context of the given text and it will ensure that you get the nearest meaningful translation of the same. You can use certain prompts to ensure that the results are not out of context. For example, You can ask ChatGPT to translate the given text from the perspective of a person who is a Doctor by profession.

  1. Declare the type of text

Unlike other translation tools, ChatGPT translates according to the type of text given by you. You can experience this method by taking a few lines from a poem and translating it using any translation tool, it will provide you with the literal meaning. Whereas, when you do the same with ChatGPT by telling that the entered text is a sonnet or any other poem then it will translate accordingly. 

  1. Apply style transfer Techniques

Another way to get the most meaningful translation is by using style transfer techniques. In this way, you can ask the ChatGPT to translate the given text in layman’s terms or an expert’s language etc. By using it, you can translate the text in a simple or a fancy way of writing whichever suits you.

  1. Account for Regional Differences

There are certain words and phrases that differ from region to region. For example, the term football in general refers to Soccer whereas when you say the same in American English then it will refer to American football i.e Gridiron. Therefore, you need to provide the translation required in the language of which region.

  1. Use summarized Translation

Compared to other translation tools, ChatGPT provides much better translation with detailed explanations. The other translation tools like Google translate,translate the text as it is but ChatGPT not only translates it but also provides a summary of the text in the translated language.

  1. Implement a Fine-Tuned ChatGPT Version

Another way to translate your text through ChatGPT is to fine-tune its working. You can do so by giving it some references through which it can get an understanding as to how the translation is supposed to be done. For example, you can provide translated versions of a few words and ask the ChatGPT to translate it in  a similar manner.


ChatGPT as a language translation tool is way ahead than the traditional language translation tools. You can use various prompts like declaring the type of text, setting the context clearly, to make your results more accurate. I hope after reading this article, you can use ChatGPT as an accurate and reliable tool to translate your texts.

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